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05 August, 2015

We Then Me?

This was posted at work as one of those "voices of..." things meant to be inspirational.  Or team building or something.
like it or not, ***** ****** has been depicted in the past as an arrogant company. It doesn’t matter whether that characterization originated from competitors, the press, our partners or our customers — it’s out there. And if we want to change this perception, we must start with making a change within ourselves, rather than expecting others to change and conform to our standards.
As a coach for the “We Then Me” pilot program for the Quality Assurance organization, I am even more aware of how the “Me” mentality can be disruptive to those around us. To foster change, it must start with each of us as individuals. We have the power to change from a “Me Then We” to “We Then Me” culture. Little by little, if we all have that mindset, we can change the perception those have of us as individuals and as a company.
I was going to comment with: "Many of us have worked with positive impact for our customers for decades.  We've worked "we then me" with dedication to mission success and performance which is I hope why **** **** is where it is today.  The "me" part has been a little lacking with economic purchasing and political power declining.  The "we" part is important but as the Soviet Union showed, not viable by itself."  But I didn't comment.

I'm pretty tired of working for the good of the company and country.  All this effort and the country fails to support it's people, only supporting the welfare of those in power.

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  1. I'd question the original author's source for the persevered arrogance for a start. We are a very diverse and strong company. I'm sure if you talk to a competitor, they won't have glowing reviews from their point of view. That's just too bad for them I say.

    As for the big drive to go "we then me", I also disagree. Maybe I'm wrong, but I work for "me", to help the "we". I want to feel pride in what I do. I want to enjoy a job well done. If everything has to be done as a collective our individuality and personal abilities get lost in the mix.