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08 December, 2014

Range Rover Lane Diving

I was late today, so late I got to CA85 after the car pool lanes opened up.  So I’m moving along 85 in the middle lane and notice I am third behind this Range Rover going a good 10mph less than everyone else, getting passed on both sides.  Idiot, time to merge right anyway to get on CA237 eastbound.  I then see I can’t do it comfortably, the El Camino off-ramp is backed up and into the right lane.  I weave back to the middle but the two in front of me have better brakes or something and do it.  Maybe I can get over after El Camino…  no, CA237 off-ramp is backed up also.  Crap. 
The Range Rover is lane diving from the middle lane into a gap in the CA237 off-ramp line up of cars.
Wow.  What an idiot.  I look at him as I pass and it is someone I work with.  It looks like anyway, it was just a quick glance but it sure looked like him.  
I missed the exit and had to go on to Hwy 101 and then get in the back way. I get into the parking lot of my building and there he is in his Range Rover.  Let it go.  Let it go…
He deposited a whole bunch of baked goods at the coffee mess that were pretty good.  


  1. I don't drive in that way to work and I drive a Jeep. So I know it wasn't me. LOL But I know the Range Rover if it was an off-green. ~Chuck T