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24 January, 2014

Now I've seen it both ways

I've seen the sun both ways now.  Still above the horizon at midnight and now below the horizon at noon.  In 1979 my friends and I went to northern Norway in July and in Bodo stayed up to midnight to watch the sun not set from the top of a hill.  Today I am sitting in a Boeing 747 over the middle of Greenland at 34,000 feet, the local time is a little after noon and the sun is below the horizon. Awesome when I realized what I was seeing. Airline crews on polar flights see this all the time, but I wonder how many passengers do, realizing what they are seeing.  My row mates appreciated it when I pointed it out. Explainable given they are young Europeans with an effective educational system.

Also saw Greenland glaciers and land mass along with ice floes and cracks in the ice since the weather was clear. Another new sight to me.  

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