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27 May, 2013

3D Movie

Liz and I went to see our first 3D movie yesterday. Star Trek Something Something 3D. Very sad. Liz is one of those people you sometimes wonder which eye to look at when she's talking to you. Her brain doesn't use both eyes at the same time, she normally wears one contact for far vision and the other eye can see near. She just switches between them as necessary. Her glasses are the same, one eye has a prescription to see far, the other has no correction. No bifocals necessary! Lucky girl! So... of course the 3D effect in the movie... totally lost on her. She had to wear the glasses to avoid the blurring on the screen, but no 3D. I didn't think the effect it was worth watching through the narrow field of view with scratched and fogged lenses. Only with large clean lenses will I try this again. We had fun anyway and got to see the planets later that evening.

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