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26 February, 2013

Murder moral?

@daytonhartman @unbelievablejb
"so it [murder for pleasure and self relief] is absolutely, objectively wrong? On what basis besides subjective opinion? Further...why is prioritizing your pleasure over another's wrong? Atheism says their just fizzing organic matter. your standard for judging moral actions the objectively/absolutely correct standard?"

Murder for pleasure is wrong because it harms the community, if the community doesn't thrive then the species doesn't and we suffer. The fizzing organic matter wants to thrive and alturism and charity assists that. It is natural and shown in all populations down to single cell organisms. Religion needs absolute objective measurements, rules, laws in order to control the masses. Atheism doesn't because it uses reason and rational thought. So I take back my tentative agreement that absolute objective rules are necessary to determine morality. If you aren't somehow relieving or preventing suffering or giving pleasure in your actions, you are at risk of not being moral. Are there actions that don't do these things that are not immoral? I can't offhand think of any.

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