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25 July, 2011

Pretty funny.

Jenai stops me on my way into the building and apologizes for falling asleep in a big design review meeting last week. 

1.       I didn’t notice

2.       I fall asleep in meetings all the time

3.      ;  I’ve had about 4 hours of sleep, the likelihood is high I will again today





  1. You need your sleep. I mean it – your brain needs the rest – it will affect your years ahead – the difference between an active golden age and ….I don’t know what to say ? stupor? I hear they will surplus over 9200 at LMCO – about 300 here in GA.

  2. Yeah, I know. I haven't been sleeping well I think partly due to our bed and someone's snoring issues... We adjusted the bed today to see it if helps. We need to get Liz to the sleep apnea clinic.

    We're dropping about 600 in Sunnyvale, I've given one 60 day warn notice and we have a few who took the Voluntary Layoff offer of 2 weeks + 1 wk per year service up to 26 weeks. That's also what those who do get laid off get.

    I expected to get a 60 day layoff warning but so far hasn't happened. They might be treating management different this time. Or others below me in the ranking are the only ones... ? I dunno.