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25 January, 2011

Some funny stuff

I read this somewhere. I think it was a comment on a post about rioting about blasphemy.
"I don't understand why circumambulating and yodeling while making Micky Mouse ears gestures in grandma's pajama around a supposed moon rock makes goat herders frenzy into mass hysteria resulting in crimes against goats."

Also this from PZ:

"Michele Bachmann is clearly not in communication with the mother ship."

and this:
Anderson Cooper Wallops Bachmann For 'Flunking History'
Bachmann is so scary she is funny.


  1. I looked at your Anderson Cooper’s link and was not surprised. I did not listen to Michele Bachmann – I find her incredibly insulting – she insults everyone’s intelligence. She makes up facts as she pleases. I saw her for the first time several years ago on CNN where I was almost hypnotized by her vacant eyes, rigid smile and non-stop telling of absurdities. It is very sad and telling to see that she has an audience in this country

  2. I know what you mean. My formally Republican parents are horrified by her. They switched for sure in 2008 with Palin. Your Kurtz video the other day and what is going on in Egypt and elsewhere... I am getting to where I think there is going to be a huge decline in the next 25-100 years. I worry for our kids.