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12 June, 2010

Hedges: The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger


The rise of this Christian fascism, a rise we ignore at our peril, is being fueled by an ineffectual and bankrupt liberal class that has proved to be unable to roll back surging unemployment, protect us from speculators on Wall Street, or save our dispossessed working class from foreclosures, bankruptcies and misery. The liberal class has proved useless in combating the largest environmental disaster in our history, ending costly and futile imperial wars or stopping the corporate plundering of the nation. And the gutlessness of the liberal class has left it, and the values it represents, reviled and hated.
and the Tea Baggers call Obama fascists. I need to spell out fascism and make a side by side comparison of what Tea Baggers represent and what the left represents. I am quite disappointed by what progress Congress and the President have achieved since 2006 when the left has started to take power.


  1. Many years ago I read an article in Discovery magazine I believe which said that because the liberals are so tolerant the US will become much more conservative. I think this is what has happened. Tolerant people accept a lot more but conservatives jump on your back each time, for good reasons or not. I wondered how Obama’s government could be productive when you have the other side constantly saying “no” even when it is in their interest. Also, even though the super fundamentalists are a minority they go and vote at 100%, then also they place stealth candidates to win obscure elections, but once in, they bring trouble, like in education in Texas. I don’t think it will get better because schools are getting less money, tuitions are more expensive and in general the populace is becoming more ignorant. The more ignorant people are the more conservative they become.

  2. Yes, that seems to be what is happening. That tolerance stuff can bite you if you want to get anything done. I spent a lot of time last year yelling at Obama on the TV pleading with him to quit trying to work with the Republicans on health care. Same with finance reform. Definitely the ignorant are conservative. I roam some conservative news sites and the ignorance is painful.