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04 April, 2010

The meaning of Easter

We don't regard as heroic the soldier who throws the fellow next to him on top of the grenade, and we especially condemn the soldier who first pulled the pin on the grenade, then smothered the explosion with his bunkmates body.
I had never tried to figure out the logic of Easter. Not having really ever been Christian, I've never had to. Jesus being tortured to death for our sins and then going to heaven somehow saves us? Of course only if you accept him as your lord and savior. Or not. Depending on which variety of Christianship being promoted. But to really peel back the layers and examine the logic from PZ's post here, wow. How messed up is this?
  1. Eve and Adam screw up in God's eyes. Not in mine, she was curious and wanted knowledge, what is wrong with that?
  2. We are all fallen and need to be forgiven for Eve and Adam's sins. Really? How am I at fault? That is some lawyer God has.
  3. God sends his son to earth knowing he would be sacrificed. Wow. Daughters, know that I would no do that to you.
  4. The son knows he is going to die, but also knows he is going to heaven, no question. Not really that much of a sacrifice. Makes it kind of hollow.
  5. Jesus gets tortured to death, sort of, walks away and is never seen again. We are told to accept Jesus as our savior to get the forgiveness for our sins, the original ones being the ones committed by ancient ancestors.
So god gets pissed, throws his son at us to be sacrificed, and we are supposed to praise him and his son who knew it wasn't going to hurt.

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