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25 September, 2009

Alt med ghouls

In the wake of the death of Patrick Swayze, the alternative medicine quacks are speaking out, saying his death was caused not by his cancer but by his chemotherapy.  “Why couldn’t they have built [Swayze] up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins?"  Because that doesn’t work?  Would that be a good reason?


Antiscience advice like this from Mike Adams, Suzanne Somers, Jenny McCarthy, and others can and will lead to people dying if they act on it. These people are dispensing medical advice that is complete nonsense. Detoxifying the body won’t cure cancer, using herbs won’t cure cancer, aligning your chakras won’t cure cancer. If you have cancer, or know someone who has been diagnosed, please please please go to a board-certified and experienced doctor or oncologist. Don’t listen to celebrities, and don’t listen to alternative quacks.”


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