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To the question, “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, “Why not?”
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07 February, 2009

Not worrying, enjoying life

I got my Atheist Bus t-shirt and had to have a picture enjoying life.

One way I enjoy life is getting into my airplane and flying, enjoying the view, enjoying the skill necessary to fly right, enjoying the science and engineering it takes to make the plane fly, enjoying the nature of weather and and geology that makes flying interesting.

Another way I enjoy life is to give kids rides in my plane. The hat I am wearing comes from the EAA Young Eagles program through which over a million rides have been given, 120+ in my plane. Our EAA chapter also does a Young Eagles type event where special needs kids and people get rides for free. It gives them and their families a fun day where everyone is the same and all are having fun. The facial expressions on the kids and parents is worth every cent.

Send me your picture enjoying life and not worrying and I'll post it here. With or without the T-shirt.
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