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20 January, 2009

Inaguration prayers

Yay! Bush is gone! The fear of marshal law being imposed is gone! No more Cheney screwing with our rights!

On the other hand... what is with all this praying? Prayer services the day before. Prayer service before going to the Capitol. Prayers before, during and after the swearing in. Praying the next day, first thing. Enough with the praying!

I expect Obama to do his job without any trust in god. He should not have said "so help me god", he should expect no help from a fairy tale.

I sure hope this is just show for the Right, to keep them at bay initially. I thought the yammering about the second swearing in at the White House to fix Justice Robert's flub without a bible was entertaining, I hope it was a sign that it wasn't really important to him.

All this praying soiled the whole day for me. I was glad Bush departed the White House. Obama's first day was wasted with all that praying.

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