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23 August, 2008

Pissed Off

  1. I am pissed at Harry Reid for being a limp noodle. Where is his spine? Republicans are filibustering all over the place and he says nothing. Americans don't know what the GOP is doing, hiding, trying to protect, what they are screwing up before they lose the White House. STEP UP and LEAD! Or get out of the WAY!
  2. I am pissed off at Pelosi for doing nothing about impeaching Bush/Cheney. McCain wouldn't be anywhere close to Obama in the polls... impeachment would have shown Americans what they have lost in rights, how corrupt the Bush administration has been, how un-American they have been. Too late now!
  3. Fucking Coulter and Limbaugh... lying about Obama's position on abortion in a way to stir up emotion, saying he is for third term abortion, to even "chase the doctor down the hall to ensure the aborted baby is dead". They are lower than low. They are dog shit.
  4. DNC's "Big Tent" event on Faith prior to the convention. What a bunch of crap. Especially since they decided to not invite 40% of the Democratic voters. Those without religion, secularists, atheists. Can't have a "Big Tent" without everyone. Pandering obviously to the Christians and "moral majority". I better not hear any crap about god talking to anyone.
  5. Obama. He better STEP IT UP! There better be some FIRE in the convention and campaign now. I am tired of the Lying Liars in the GOP getting away with their LIES. I better not hear too much faith babble from him.
Update:  Pretty happy with the convention.  Obama stepped it up!  Yay!  The network coverage I saw always cut away to commercial whenever the prayers were happening!  Excellent!

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  1. I watched Obama's acceptance speech. I thought he did very good. Plenty of Bush and McCain bashing.

    And what the hell is McCain thinking?? Obviously, he wasn't. Could he have picked a more frightening woman?... Jesus Christ!