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10 March, 2008

NPR: In a Jerusalem Suburb, Jewish Cultures Clash

NPR: In a Jerusalem Suburb, Jewish Cultures Clash

I can't wait until the Christians and Muslim here in the US start telling people how to dress and think... It is happening in Europe with immigrant Muslims and there is too much accomodation going on.

The big misunderstanding about respect... that I should respect anyone's religion or beliefs. I should respect the people around me, at least until they prove otherwise. But I do not have to respect anyone's religion. There are not any religious rights other than your right to practice a religion. The religion itself has no rights. It cannot say to a community that women have to cover up in order to keep from distracting men from their religious thoughts. How stupid. Their religion is too feeble to keep men's attention focused? Very feeble excuse for mind control.

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