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03 February, 2008

Health Care: OneCareNow Video

YouTube - OneCareNow Video

A short video on the California Health Care plan being pushed through the California legislature...

Now that Arnold's sell out to the insurance companies is dead, distractions from SB840 for California single payer health care is removed.

* Health care is paid by California to private doctors and health care providers at rates they negotiate. It is still free market, the doctors don't work for California.
* California negotiates prices with equipment providers, pharma, doctors, hospitals, potentially leading to great savings with the un-ignorable buying power we will have.
* You and your doctor decide what care you need, California only pays the bill.
* You pay a 2% insurance premium, your employer pays 8%, with 30million Californians spreading the risk, the rates stay low. (Is it a "tax"? Get over it, we have to pay for it somehow, isn't it better to be efficient about it?)
* No co-pay, no deductibles, no pre-existing condition exceptions.
* Every resident is covered. (Get over the illegal alien thing, if they pay, they get covered, you are paying for them today when they go into an emergency room for treatment without insurance or money)
* Medicare has 3% administrative overhead. Current insurance industry has 30% "administrative" overhead which includes all the ads you see, profit for shareholders, salaries for executives, and lobby money to your representatives (like old Arnold and Hillary). That $30 billion wasted is enough to pay for all of our health care.

It seems to me that a lot of economic prosperity is stifled by the inability of employers to get employees, to keep them healthy, for people to spend on stuff instead of insurance premiums and going into debt over health bills. There are concerns about availability of services once everyone has coverage. That may be initially the case as far as I can tell. But it isn't Canada where the doctors are government employees. If the market is there and they are getting paid, then they will come.

Write your State Rep and express your support.

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