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29 April, 2007

Byron Towing

Towing yesterday, first hot day of the year. Got a bit grumpy at the end of the day because my last landing blew out the tailwheel. I had to change it out. I had also changed the tow rope earlier and delt with the oil leak by constantly burning my fingers trying to check the oil level. Looks like the nose seal on the engine is leaking. Then a 90 mile, 90 minute drive home. To find Ernie had a $200+ vet bill for a stupid foxtail in his toe. Grumpy sweaty day.

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  1. Some days are like that. A foxtail, eh? I hate those little bastards. But you'll be happy to hear that your blog is now on my bookmark list, right next to MySpace and DeviantArt :)

    And the word verification thing I have to spell to submit this comment says "tgodwaw". Just thought I'd tell you that for some reason.