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08 December, 2004

Yahoo! News - U.S. GIs Hit Rumsfeld With Hard Questions

I am glad to see the troops grilling Rummy. Not enough armor to go around in Iraq. As things get worse in Iraq, the dollar falling, interest rates go up... in 4 years I hope the Republicans get thrown out. May happen sooner in congress if this crap gets worse. Of course the media is still willing to be toadies to Bush and avoid the hard questions. More church-state issues coming up... some teacher in Cupertino is in the news about teaching the role of religion in the formation of our Constitution. The question is, what is he saying? There are several opinions on the subject and there was a good article linked in the FUCKTHESOUTH website. We still have to stay in Iraq but I am not sure we are winning the hearts and minds. The elections will be a start, I hope... I don't think delay is good. Those areas where there is too much violence may have to have assigned members until safe elections can take place. Of course it looks like it is all confused and out of control anyway... too rushed but too late to stop and do right. Fuck, what a mess.

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