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25 October, 2004

Bush Jokes - George W. Bush Humor

One week to election day. I still can't see why anyone would vote for Bush. Why? How can anyone think it is the right thing to do? He screwed up Iraq, pissed off most of the world, no longer able to work with other leaders in any meaningful way, Osama is still on the loose and a new even nastier guy is in Iraq chopping off heads of hostages. It just baffles me. I don't believe a word that comes out of Bush's mouth. He distorts and twistes everything Kerry says in a way that is effectively lying. I get so mad when I hear him I have to shout back at him. Mostly in the car. Moron. And that is just the Iraq shit that pisses me off. More Iraq shit... they have lost or let slip through their fingers 337 million pounds (tons?) of explosives. Bush is commander in chief... the buck stops at his desk... if that stuff ends up in NYC, he ought to be impeached if he is still in office. I think he ought to be impeached for the lack of WMDs, no 9/11-Iraq link, and the 20,000 casualties - 1,100 lives/8,100 Purple Hearts/12,000 "other injuries". Clinton gets impeached for lying about a blow job in the White House, why doesn't Bush get impeached for killing 1,100 servicemen and blowing $225 Billion?

He better lose.

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